The availability of Valtra spare parts is one of the best in the world tractor market. We guarantee punctual spare parts deliveries to your service dealer and additionally on to you, our customer.


To ensure the quick transport of urgent orders we work together with the best international courier companies. In Europe our goal is to transport the supplies from the local Valtra depot to your dealer, and even from Finland to most European countries, in just 24 hours.

Valtra’s standard service level for parts is one of the highest in its field. This includes previously made models of the 1990s and 1980s (Valmet, Volvo BM). In case your dealer does not happen to have the item in stock, it will be sent swiftly from the importer or from the factory.

Genuine AGCO parts
Original Valtra parts are exclusively supplied by AGCO Parts. The AGCO Parts logo and the hologram label on the packaging tells you that your original Valtra part meets exact specifications and has been manufactured by approved suppliers. Original spare parts are always a cost efficient solution when considering the total lifespan of the product.

Spare part catalogues

On this page you can download the spare part catalogue for selected models of the Valtra range. This catalogue may be used when ordering spare parts from authorized Valtra dealers. By using this catalogue you can give the dealer information on the parts you wish to order. Your local Valtra dealer will inform you of subassemblies and seal and gasket sets.

  1. Always state the tractor model and tractor number. If necessary, state also engine-, frontaxle- or cab number.
  2. State clearly the headline and numbers of the page on which the part is shown in the catalogue and the part’s reference number in the picture in question.
  3. State the required quantity of each part.
  4. Give your name and adress clearly and state the desired method of delivery.

Due to the continual development of Valtra products, we cannot guarantee that the catalogues provided on this page corresponds to your product. Valtra reserves the right to make alterations to the information on this page without prior notification.


Model Catalogue
T Series: T121-T191
N Series: N91-N141
N Series: N82-N92
A Series: A72-A92
A Series: A75-A95
HiTech Series: 6250-6850, 8050-8950
(Models out of production)